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The extremely powerful and unique technique to build self propagating income streams, known as Affiliate Evolution.

Affiliate Evolution brings about exponential growth to an Affiliate Marketer’s, Online Income.

Affiliate Evolution is a new affiliate marketing product which teaches how an average affiliate can evolve into a super advanced affiliate -- by leveraging little know and seldom used marketing techniques that multiply an affiliate commission on a sale far above what average affiliates would make off of the same sale.

The basic technique shown in the affiliate evolution system is a method called the commission bump, which allows you to literally bump your affiliate commission up above what the product owner is actually paying out.

To illustrate how it works, let’s say a product is being sold for $100 and affiliates are given a $50 commission on each sale. If you promoted this product as an affiliate you would be making a 50% commission on each sale you produce. So if you make 20 sales you would make $1,000 for promoting this product.

Many average affiliates would be happy with such a payout. The Super Advanced evolved affiliates, however, wouldn’t settle for the measly 50% commission. They would leverage the commission bump to bump that commission per sale up to 100% or more.
If you were able to bump your commission up to 200% instead of only 50% you would make $4,000 instead of $1,000. That’s 4x the earnings with only a few simple tweaks!

It’s the brainchild of world renowned Internet marketer, Russell Brunson. A great real life example of how this technique works is found in the story behind Russell Brunson’s development of the system…

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